Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Volcanoes national park (Parc National des Volcans ) located in northwestern Rwanda is best known for its resident population of the world’s endangered Mountain Gorillas, however the park has so much more to offer its visitors. Visiting this beautiful park will offer you an opportunity to encounter different wildlife including birds, various tree species and monkeys. The sound of the echoing calls of the monkeys is another fascinating thing you will enjoy here. This park is part of the large Virunga Conservation Area which comprises of a number of Virunga volcanoes: which include: Mt. Karisimbi which is the highest at a height of 4507 meters, Mt. Muhabura (at 4127 meters), Mt. Bisoke (at 3711 meters), Mt. Gahinga (at 3,474 meters) and Mt. Sabyinyo ( at 3,674 meters).

It is within this park that renowned primatologist Dian Fossey conducted her research on this species and did tremendous work to see that she conserves them.  She constructed her research center here – the Karisoke Research Center.

Weather in Volcanoes National Park

Because of the high altitude, the park is generally cold, especially in the evenings. The park experiences a rainy season and during that time, the bamboo shoots which are a delicacy to the Gorillas are plenty and thriving so it’s easier to see them on the lower slopes of the mountain. However something that we should emphasize is that gorilla viewing is possible all year round so book your Rwanda Gorilla Safari today and enjoy a trekking adventure as you explore the verdant slopes of this park.

Habituated Gorilla Groups in the Park

Gorilla trekking is an activity that begins early morning and done in groups of 8 people visiting each of the gorilla groups at a time. Although these animals are wild, the groups that are visited by tourists have been habituated which means that they are familiar with human presence.

Your Gorilla tracking adventure may include: a hike to the top of Mt. Sabinyo and visiting the grave of legendary Dian Fossey. All park activities start at the park headquarters located at Kinigi where you will be briefed by the park warden and be detailed about the guidelines and rules to follow during this amazing activity.

The park has four gorilla groups that are open for tourism activity and these include:

The Amahoro Group with eleven (11) members

Group 13 with seven (7) members

The Sabyinyo A Group with 13 members and,

The Sabyinyo B Group with only 4 members; (this broke away from the Sabyinyo A group)

Accommodation in Volcanoes National Park:

There are a number of accommodation facilities close to this park, and these range from luxury, mid-range and budget facilities these offer a variety of services and their primary objective is to ensure that every person that visits this park enjoys a memorable stay in Rwanda. These include:

Volcanoes Virunga Lodge, Kinigi Guest House, Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, Hotel Urumuri, Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Palm Beach Hotel Hotel Muhabura, Gorilla’s Nest, Stipp Hotel, Lake Kivu Serena Hotel as well as Ruhengeri Hotel Muhabura, among others.