About Africa Nature Trekkers.

Africa Nature Trekkers Ltd is a Tour and Travel company that was founded back in 2009. We are registered with the Ugandan government.  We specialized in organizing Safaris, holiday – tours and trips in Uganda, Rwanda and several other countries in Africa. Our great expertise and vast knowledge in the tourism in addition to our undivided dedication to organizing private and group customized safaris has led us to be prominently known as one of the leading tour operators in the country  recognized as one of the leading tour-operators in Uganda.

Who Are our Directors?

Africa Nature Trekkers Ltd was founded by two enthusiastic Ugandans, who live, have traveled and professionally work in Africa. Our success as a company is majorly attributed to our exceptionally dedicated hard work and tourism passion we have for Uganda and Africa as a whole, but what precedes all that is that we love and enjoy the work we are doing.

For each client we receive, we dedicate all our time and resources and skillfully use our knowledge and experience to see that we make their visit memorable and worthwhile. We have invested in equipping our staff with the adequate knowledge and training to ensure that they offer the best services in line with the preferences of our client. It’s because of our unmatched attention and care that we offer to our client that has enable us to receive visitors from all parts of the world with a number of them returning now and again for an adventure in Uganda.

Why we chose Africa Nature Trekkers Ltd as our Brand Name?

When we focus on Nature trekking, it implies getting to closer to the wonders of Mother Nature (wildlife) through traveling in an eco-friendly manner. Our Brand Name Africa Nature Trekkers takes pride in the exceptionally memorable experience we offer our clients as they enjoy the sights and sounds of Africa through the different exciting safari packages we offer.

Our Mission

The mission of Africa Nature Trekkers Ltd is to organize and execute authentic satisfying safaris, tours and trips with a memorable, enjoyable and comfortable experience for each of our clients, as well as to boast community development through our different tourism activities.

Our motto:

Discovering Africa. We as Africa Nature Trekkers Ltd do the best in our might to ensure that each of our clients gets an uninterrupted opportunity to explore the different tourist destinations in the countries we operate in an enjoyable and memorable way.

Our Objective

To organize tailor-made trips for individuals, families, friends, workmates, and big groups as well as special trips for the handicapped and students.

To offer different safaris including: gorilla trekking safaris, chimpanzee trekking safaris, mountain climbing adventures, nature walks and hikes, water adventures, community and social work, bird watching safaris, cultural safaris and wildlife safaris in the different national parks including Uganda’s: Bwindi National Park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Mburo National park, Murchison Falls National park; Rwanda’s: Nyungwe National Park, Akagera National Park and Volcanoes National Park; as well as Tanzania’s Masaai Mara National Park and Serengeti National Park among others.

We also jointly operate with a number of other highly competent companies in the different countries we work in.

Africa nature trekkers Partnerships.

Africa nature trekkers ltd is a proud partner of safaribookings.com , Africa tour operators, friend a gorilla, and Uganda Tourism Board.

Our Affordable Safari Prices

Over the past years, Africa Nature Trekkers Ltd has become one of the leading Safari companies within Uganda thanks to its exceptional services and very affordable prices. Our safaris are tailored to suit all types of travelers irrespective of their budget. They range from budget, mid-range as well as luxury safaris in Uganda, Rwanda and the rest of East Africa.

Location and Services

We have our Head Office within Kampala the capital city of Uganda and we open for six days every week that is from Monday to Saturday and can be contacted through our email or  and at any time you can contact us by phone or through our e-mail.

During our safaris, we use well maintained four wheel drive safari vehicle and these include: Land cruisers, minibuses, trucks and several other types of vehicles. Our primary concern is to see to it that each of our clients has a comfortable, enjoyable and memorable safari experience with us.

Our Team

Africa Nature trekkers Ltd has membership with a number of recognized tourism organizations, and we have established rapport with the different lodges, campsites and hotels. All these enable us to make reservations and obtain necessary permits for different activities including chimpanzee and gorilla trekking in advance before our clients arrive.

All our staff members speak good English (the commonest communication language) easing communication with our clients. Our team includes reservation officers, managers, drivers and guides all with very good expertise and several years of experience.

Why Book with Africa Nature Trekkers Ltd?

  • We are specialists with a vast experience in organizing:
  1. Gorilla Trekking Safaris
  2. Wildlife Safaris / Game drives
  3. Adventures trips, and
  4. Tailor-made itineraries
  • We offer friendly and contemporary Services with a lot of expertise and attention to each client
  • With us, the Quality of services you will receive is guaranteed
  • With us, there is an endless list of Special Offers that we give our clients
  • Your safety is our priority
  • We have a very transparent and secure payment method
  • We are always with you throughout your safari with us.

Extending our Boundaries and Services

Previously, Africa Nature Trekkers Ltd only operated in Uganda, but after a couple of years of working and gaining expertise, we decided to extend our business boundaries and today we offer our  services to Uganda, Rwanda and the rest of East Africa.

Which kind of tours and safaris do we Offer?

We offer individual safaris, group safaris, family safaris, student tours and special packages for handicapped. These come with different types of accommodation basing on our clients’ budget:  budget accommodation, mid range accommodation as well as luxury accommodation

Our Community Contribution

Africa Nature Trekkers Ltd shares its profits with a number of local communities annually through doing charitable work. Every year, we try to support one disadvantaged child, so through making your safari reservation with us, you indirectly help a Ugandan child.

We at Africa Nature Trekkers Ltd look forward to hearing from you, and our proficient staff members with numerous years of experience are all eagerly waiting to serve you and lead you on your adventure to Discover Africa!