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Uganda Safaris Information

Why You Should Visit Uganda?

Uganda is situated in East Africa and lies along the equator. It covers a 241 038 sq km area with nearly 27% of this being protected areas that include National Parks, and game reserve. It experiences a tropical climate that is very conducive for holiday activities both outdoor and indoor, so you can visit all year round.

The country prides in its rich greatly varied cultural heritage and very hospitable welcoming people.

In addition it has several national parks a couple of them internationally renowned including the Impenetrable Bwindi National Park best known for Gorilla Trekking Safaris, Kibale National Park most known for its chimpanzee trekking Safaris, Murchison Falls National Park  for memorable game drives a thrilling game drives,  Lake Mburo National park  with a very high number of zebras,

Park popular for its breathtaking waterfalls and  boat cruises on the Nile, over75 mammal species and 451 types of birds; Bwindi impenetrable National Park , popular for the mountain gorillas, Mt Elgon National Park renowned for mountain climbing and thrilling nature walks, Queen Elizabeth National Park famous for its game drives and boat ride on the Kazinga channel, with largest number of Zebras and the beautiful Impalas, Kibale National Park famous for chimpanzees and 12 other primate species, Semiliki National Park that offers amazing bird watching safaris among many others.

Visit the Batwa pygmies and other amazing cultural groups during our exciting and educative cultural safaris. We offer exciting adventure activities including Kayaking, canoeing, forest walks, hikes, White Water Rafting, bird watching, boat cruises and Bungee Jumping among several others.

When we focus on the adventure activities in Uganda, don’t miss out on: white water rafting on the grade 5 rapids on River Nile, bungee jumping, game drives to view wildlife, guided nature walks, visiting the different waterfalls, forest walks, canoeing, mountain climbing, bird watching and boat cruises. You can also visit the source of River Nile – the longest river in the world.


What to see on a Safari in Uganda? 

Wild Animals: Uganda – the pearl of Africa is home to the ‘the Big Five’ leopard, elephants,  rhinos, lions and buffaloes, plus the huge Nile Crocodiles, zebras, giraffes, different antelopes, hippos.

Mountain Gorillas: Uganda has nearly half of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world. Visit Mgahinga and Bwindi National Parks for a gorilla trekking safari.

Different Bird Species: with a bird list of over 1033 species, the country is listed as one of the most rewarding bird-watching destinations in Africa. Join our Uganda Birding Safaris and you will certainly be fascinated.

The Breathtaking Landscape: something unique about Uganda is that there is a lot of green. The people love nature. As you drive through the countryside, you will be stunned by the beautiful green rolling hills, dotted with plantations of bananas, tea and coffee. You will also see their thriving farmlands thanks to the good climatic conditions in the country.

Snow-capped Mountain Rwenzori:  Also known as the Mountains of the Moon is the fourth highest mountain at 5,109 meters asl in Africa and its peak is snow capped. It offers a unique mountain climbing experience couple with rewarding views of different birds, rare vegetation, primates and animals

The Powerful Murchison falls: these thunderous and breathtaking waterfalls are found within Murchison falls National Park on River Nile (the longest in the world). There are boat rides starting in the morning and in the afternoon on river Nile to the bottom of the waterfalls. Don’t miss out on the exciting game drives as well. They are very rewarding.

Explore Jinja: Jinja another tourism capital and there you will see the source of river Nile, do some white water rafting, swimming, kayaking, bungee jumping and boat rides

About the People of Uganda

Uganda is among the African countries known to have very friendly and welcoming people. Irrespective of where the visitor may be coming from, Uganda welcome every one and are very glad to teach you more about their traditions and cultures. We organize very exciting cultural safaris during which you will have an opportunity to interact with these people, see their traditional way of life and where possible participate in their traditional ways of doing their day to day chores. Imagine a life with no electricity for lighting, no gas for cooking, grinding millet using a stone, making their local beer the traditional way.

All this you will do down in Africa with the warm friendly and hospitable people of Uganda

Where To Stay (Accommodation) On a Uganda Safari

During your Safari in Uganda,  you will spoiled with choices about where to stay. The country offers a big variety of accommodation facilities including Resorts, Hotels, Lodges, Cottages, Inns, Guest Houses and Safari camps. These types of accommodation are grouped into three main categories and these are: Luxury Accommodation, Mid-range or moderate Accommodation and then the Budget Accommodation. Fortunately this gives all visitors irrespective of their budget to enjoy a Safari in Uganda. Another interesting truth is that most of the National Parks in the country have accommodation facilities within their boundaries so this reduces their travel time from their accommodation to the parks for the safari activities.

Best time to take a Uganda Safari

Many holidaymakers frequently ask us, when is the best time to visit Uganda or enjoy a safari in Uganda? the answer is actually very simple.

You can visit Uganda all year- round; thanks to the conducive climatic conditions the country experiences. However you should also note that it experiences two main tourism seasons and each of these normally comes with different safari package prices. In the peak tourism season which runs December to February and then from June to September the accommodation prices as well as the prices of gorilla trekking permits are high.  However in the low tourist season that runs from March to May and September up to November, the accommodation prices and gorilla permit prices are discounted.

We recommend whoever is going to track gorillas to always carry a rain jacket since it rains any time.

Then for the most rewarding experience during our Game viewing Safaris, the best time to visit is in the dry months and these start in January to February, and then June up to September. During those months, the animals are commonly seen around the different water-holes in the park.

Bird watching is an all year round activity from November to April there are several migrant species so it’s a good time to visit.