Africa Nature Trekkers LTD; (the company) offers Gorilla Trekking Safaris, Uganda Safaris, in Kenya, Rwanda plus other neighboring countries. Our Safaris can be organized by AFRICA NATURE TREKKERS LTD registered within Uganda through our website. Please carefully read the Terms & Conditions as well as the Travel-Notes as they place out our particular obligations as well as form the foundation of you our client’s contract with us. In these detailed terms & conditions, “you” and “your” refers to all individuals named while booking (including any person(s) who is/are included or substituted in future or later date). “We” as well as “us” refer to AFRICA NATURE TREKKERS LTD. These terms are modified now and again owing to varying circumstances; the terms at the instance of booking are considered as the valid terms. Conditions here in Africa are actually different from those in the much developed countries as well as the standards-of-service, safety, security and medical facilities may habitually be less than those offered in your residential countries. Please keep in mind that laws plus regulations of the country/state in which these services are offered are the ones that apply to our clients’ safari arrangements but not those back at your home-country.


The depictions, information as well as alternatives we offer as regards to gorilla permits, national parks, accommodation, animal sightings, security and itineraries are provided in loyalty, depending on the most recent information accessible to us. Cautiousness has been put to full use to make certain that we provide you with accurate information. We cannot agree to any blame or danger for any arising errors or blunders that may arise by matters that are way beyond the company’s control.


Irregularly we may have to terminate or cancel a confirmed booking. We constantly make an effort to do away with canceling; however, we must reserve the right of doing this due to unavoidable inconveniences. At least, we shall not at any time cancel a your confirmed-holiday below 30 days prior to your departure except you do not succeed to fully clear all payments owed and on-time, or we are required to do this as a consequence of unforeseeable and odd circumstances that are way past our control, which consequences we couldn’t have done away with even with full payment. If we happen to cancel your safari/holiday (except for instances where you have not managed to make full payment or as a consequence of force majeure) we then shall present you the alternative of purchasing a another holiday/safari from us that offers a related standard to that initially booked in case it is available. If the selected alternative is less-costly than your initial holiday/safari, we shall certainly give back the difference however in case it’s more-costly, we shall request you to then pay-up the difference. On the other hand you have the right to get a full-refund of all payment you have made to us except for that paid to get chimpanzee-permits plus gorilla-permits which can only be recompensed if the refund has surely been availed to us. Apart from instances where we cancel/terminate for reasons save for those talked about in this very clause, we shall not have any additional legal responsibility to you. We much regret that we cannot pay for any expenses, losses as well as costs incurred as a consequence of any termination/cancellation. In case we cancel/ terminate for a reason that has not been talked about in this very clause, we shall certainly pay utmost compensation of US$100 basing on the state of affairs. We much reserve the right, with no earlier notice, to cancel/terminate the holiday/ safari of any individual(s) in your group if, due to our opinion or that of other authoritative persons, that the individual(s) concerned conduct themselves in a way that causes or be probable to cause threat, distress, or annoyance to a third party or cause damage to any property. In such a circumstance, the individual(s) concerned will surely be obliged to depart from the accommodation or any other service right away. We shall not have any further liability towards such individual(s). Please note that there will be no refund made and we shall pay no expenses or financial-costs sustained as a consequence of the cancellation/termination.


Must you or another member of your travel-group be compelled to cancel/terminate; you are obliged to warn us / your travel-agent in writing. A cancellation/termination is not valuable not until we obtain a copy of a written notice from you. To cover-up our probable loss incurred by the cancellation/termination and given that we may fail to re-sell your holiday, then cancellation fees, not including insurance, will be imposed per person as detailed below: Period prior to departure Cancellation-Charge (as a percentage of the total cost paid where pertinent)

Over 120 days:  Deposit

119 days to 50 days: 75%

Below 49 days: 100%


All complaints should be reported right away to our delegate as well as to the service(s) supplier in question, who certainly will do their very best to ensure that they solve the problem. In case you stay discontented, please submit a written report to our Safari manager in the capital Kampala immediately following the occurrence and it should not be over 28 days after the finish of your safari/holiday, to allow us to better investigate them completely. unfortunately, legal responsibility for complaints that are not notified to us in accordance with this stated procedure shall not be allowed.


AFRICA NATURE TREKKERS LTD trades specifically ground-handling services on the Africa continent. It does not trade flights as a fraction of their package however on request as well as can recommend on them consequently. According to the EC Directive on Package-Holidays, all clients who are directly booked with the company (us) through the are  entirely protected for their monies paid to us as a result of the cancellation or restriction of travel-arrangements owing to bankruptcy through Bond-Plus-Protection insurance.


We apologize for we cannot allow legal responsibility or pay reimbursement for instances where our performance or appropriate performance of obligations is prohibited or impinged on by any occurrence which we or even the supplier(s) of the service or services in question couldn’t, even with all costs paid, anticipate or avoid. Events like these include wars, war threats, , border closures,  riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, unforeseen government acts, nuclear disaster, industrial disputes, fire, disease, natural plus severe weather conditions, road closures, mechanical and or technical problems in transport, as well as any similar occurrences further than our control.


Only can gorilla tracking permits to the applicable National Park can only be purchased when payment for them has been fully received. Acquiring a gorilla permit does not guarantee seeing the gorillas. At times the local conditions may dictate that accessing the gorillas is actually impossible at very short notice. We actually are not capable of accept accountability for any condition that might result into cancelling of gorilla viewing, be it closure of National Parks or closure of borders, nonappearance of the gorillas, or alterations in security. Refunds made are at the mercy of the concerned authority so we can’t accept accountability for them. As a company, we shall maximally make an effort to acquire a refund and in case a refund is made by the concerned authority, we certainly shall forward it to you.


Special attention should be put on the issue of insurance in the Travel Note. At the time of booking you must possess, and must reveal to your travel-agent or the company (us) that you possess the appropriate insurance particularly for the kind of safari/holiday you are booking with us. That insurance should entirely cover personal injury, death, and medical expenses, as well as repatriation in the occurrence of illness or an accident or death, or cancellation or restriction of the safari/holiday by whichever side plus loss of, theft of, or damage to a client’s personal belongings. Activities that have a greater natural risk, for instance mountaineering, white-water rafting and tracking animals on foot, should be well covered.


The company is included in the Republic of Uganda and operates under the Ugandan laws of. Your contract taken with us plus the matters arising from it will certainly be governed by the Ugandan laws except for the contracts made via our associated companies.


We shall surely make every rational endeavors to see to it that (A) all constituent parts of the safari/holiday are well supplied as we described in our itinerary and to a sensible standard; as well as (B) our employees, sub-contractors, agents in addition to suppliers exercise appropriate care while carrying out obligations on our behalf as per the contract. The company accept liability for our employees, sub-contractors and agents, suppliers dos plus don’t dos (given they were done while executing duties we have authorized). In case any section of your safari/holiday isn’t provided as per the itinerary we offered, we shall then compensate you appropriate in case your enjoyment of that safari/holiday has been impinged on and you have surely followed the procedure for complaints mentioned in these terms & conditions. This approval of liability is focused to the clause regarding “Force Majeure” stated above as well as these Terms
& Conditions in general. Our utmost liability regarding respect of any complaints (except for death, illness or personal injury, or where claims concern loss and or damage to property or luggage, which as stated below are dealt with) is restricted to an total equivalent to the paid cost by or paid on behalf of the individual affected for the applicable services. The utmost amount will be payable only where the individual affected has got no benefit/advantage from the safari/holiday and neither of the contracted services has been offered. Accountability for loss or else damage to personal belongings (including money) or luggage will be compensated by us to utmost US$30 on the condition that the client is supposed to have taken out enough insurance cover regarding such losses during the booking time.

We will certainly take all the appropriate care to prevent injury, death, or illness to our client caused by animals’ or insects’ life at the destinations. However, it is your personal responsibility to take good medical as well as practical precautions regarding this so your attention should b focused to Health part in the Travel-Notes section. Good Medical guidance should be got before traveling. Themed to these Terms & Conditions, we as the company accept liability so should you or any one in your group suffer illness, death, or personal injury as a consequence of perform failure or inappropriate performance of the made contract by our employees, sub-contractors and agents, suppliers dos plus don’t dos (given they were done while executing duties we have authorized) except in the instances below. We won’t be accountable where any perform failure or inappropriate performance was because of: (a) the acts or blunders of a third-party not associated with the stipulation of the holiday taken under the made contract and which were unpredictable or unavoidable; (b) an occurrence which we or our supplier of the applicable services couldn’t have predicted or avoided even on taking all necessary care. Any claim should be reported to us according to the complaints procedure we mentioned se above. Any individual to whom whichever payment is done (plus their parent / guardian in case that individual is a minor) should allocate to us plus our insurers all rights they could have to chase any third-party in association with this claim as well as provide all essential support to us plus our insurers which may be realistically required.


Please make sure that you give us a clear as well as accurate quotation with full details of accommodation, number-of-clients, dates, park fees, transportation, permits, plus any other services that are to be offered to you  prior to confirming your booking still in writing. Each and every reference to the quotations done in writing shall comprise reference to communication by facsimile as well as electronic mail. The cost of your selected holiday/safari will be / shall be confirmed at the instance of booking. We much reserve the right of correct mistakes in both advertised as well as confirmed prices, and we will do so immediately once we become alert of such mistakes.

Once the cost of your safari/holiday has finally been confirmed, matters to correction of mistakes, a supplement will then only be billed if taxes, transportation costs, gorilla permits or accommodation costs increase and total to more than 2% of the entire holiday/safari price (exclusive of insurance premiums). If you are obliged to pay over 10% of the initial holiday/safari price, you will then be at liberty to cancel this safari/holiday with the complete refund of the monies paid to us with the exception of for any premium remunerated for insurance as well as fees paid to acquire gorilla permits. In case you choose to cancel/terminate under these requirements, you then must apply your right to do this not later than 14 days of our notification to you regarding the add-on. However, we well reserve the right to boost or reduce the prices of any unsold holidays at whatever time.


At the instance of booking you should confirm acceptance of all these terms & conditions as well as pay a deposit of just 30% of the total price stated for your safari/holiday together with fees for acquiring gorilla permits. (Read section regarding gorilla permits.) If written confirmation/acceptance is not received by us from you, we then shall suppose that you have accepted the Terms & Conditions. However, the balance payment must be made in full not less than 10 days prior to departure. Please note that bookings made within duration of 30 days to departure should be fully paid at the instance of booking. All the money you pay any of our authorized-agents for your safari/holiday with us shall be detained by that agent on behalf of the company until it is later paid to us or reimbursement to you.


The quoted prices INCLUDE accommodation; services of an English speaking driver or guide, airport transfers; a safari vehicle; meals as declared; porterage of 2 items of baggage per individual; gorilla plus chimpanzee permits; boat trips and  park fees; where applicable. Prices EXCLUDE entry visas, airfares, gratuities and airport taxes in addition to personal expenditure for instance drinks plus laundry. There are 2 luxury lodges which offer drinks, massage and laundry and these are Volcanoes Lodge plus Gorilla Forest Camp. In Entebbe, Kampala or Kigali these prices comprise of bed plus breakfast only, however on safari these prices include full board. The company much reserves the right to alter the safari-services approved with our client in the occurrence of unexpected circumstances, like bad weather, road closures, security concerns, problems with the national parks or with the hotels. In such instances substitute arrangements will be put in place as the conditions allow.


A lot of endeavors are made to see to it that safari vehicles are availed in a good road-operating condition except no accountability will be accepted for damages, breakdown, or delay. Our safari-guides are directed to follow promptly our Code of Conduct for Guides (which we can avail you with on request), which you on the other hand shouldn’t make them break in any single way. In the occurrence that our Safari-guide doesn’t follow this code, please notify the Safari-Manager back in Kampala. All company vehicles should only be driven by our company Guide whose verdict on all road matters, like the route to take, is final. You will certainly be accountable for any damage made to the vehicle by any hindrance made by you with this vehicle, including all legal costs.