Silverback lodge is a small and convenient lodge with lavish accommodation in Bwindi National park. It is a located in Buhoma sector which is just next to the park headquarters of mountain gorilla tracking. Mountain gorilla tracking is the most and best experience of all in Bwindi with unforgettable memories of all times.  It is located in western Uganda, and the lodge is just 5minte walk from the park. The lodge is also surrounded by nice views as it is on a raised platform with stunning views of the valley and green forest which is so great.

The Rooms

The lodge stunning as it’s the only newest addition of the Marasa Africa accommodation in Uganda. Silverback lodge consists of twelve (12) rooms which overlook the great Bwindi Impenetrable forest, creating a feeling of comfort and welcome by the nature around you, as birds sing sweaty to you, viewing them in flight, and patching on tree branches. The lodge also offers you an opportunity to experience the lively circuit of the collection to eco-style living as you are on safari in Uganda.

The lodge offers a lifetime safari experience and it’s one of the most recommended ones in Bwindi and in Uganda. The lodge is managed and run by Marasa Africa company which is well experienced. Due to the effective management the lodge offers quality services to its clients with the comfortable rooms and delicious foods at a very affordable price yet the services delivered are luxury in type and lodging facilities.

Silverback lodge is located or found on top of a hill offering you an opportunity to overlook and view the stunning the Bwindi Impenetrable National park. The place has numerous bird species which are around the lodge and the park at large. There are also variety of primates which frequently visit the lodge, offering you an opportunity to even view them from your room or door including gorillas, baboons and monkeys. The place is very sweat able for gorilla trekking. From Silverback lodge you can easy travel to Ishasha where Queen Elizabeth is located, and in just a few minutes you can reach Queen Elizabeth park.

The Architecture

The lodge is stunning with architectural design which is simple and natural, it is well decorated in an African traditional style but looking gorgeous. The rooms where built using local materials like forest vines, sisal and purple account stone. However, each room has en- suite bathroom and flush toilet. Each room has a private veranda for you to overlook the great forest and the stunning valley, the rooms are built just next to each other.

The place has a nice garden which is next to the forest with an aim for you to relax and refresh your mind. Silverback lodge has stunning rooms, well decorated plus the wonderful surrounding. Hence showing that the lodge is well planned for with a good management under Marasa Africa.

The staff at the lodge are nice, welcoming and are ready to attend to your need and request. Making you comfortable and welcome at the lodge.


The restaurant is completely gorgeous and in a nice setting, good for all those who love nature and adventure.  The restaurant offers nice menus for its clients which are prepared by professional chefs who know what they are doing, the cuisines prepared are delicious and tasty, the cuisines range from international and local menus, set in a beautiful surrounding making you fully enjoy your meal. There also a snack bar is well stocked and in a comfortable setting.

For more information about the Uganda gorillas, best time to visit  and what to do there visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park