Nkuringo Gorilla Campsite also known as Hammerkop Bunkhouse is budget accommodation, it is strategically located in a wonderful and nice looking place or location, it is sometime referred to as an oasis of paradise most especially to the side to the side of the camp. So the remarkable Gorilla trekking makes your stay more delightful.

Nkuringo is located just a few kilometers from Kisoro town council, it is situated on hazy hills and the campsite is established near lake Mutanda on the Mushengoro peninsular hence providing  a stunning, and more exciting views around the camp and beyond on smoky hills.

More on the side of location, the site is completely marvelous and beautiful, the volcanic Virunga Mountain and endless green tree tops and rolling hills surround the campsite.

It’s approximately (2160) meter above sea level. It provides an overlooking, and breathtaking verdant canopy of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Bwindi forest Park is home to the biggest number of habituated Mountain Gorillas.

From his campsite you can easily track the Nkuringo habituated gorilla group which has one of the largest number of members. However you should always remember that gorilla tracking activity requires one to have a gorilla tracking permit so don’t forget to get one through your Tour Company or agent.

The campsite has also got two (2) up-market cottages that are self- contained. The place does not have electricity or generators – It only uses lamps which even light the path, so in case you are traveling with electrical equipment’s you are encourage to move with an extra battery or you can charge in the vehicle. For the case of water, the cottages has got flushing toilets, more water that the facility uses is kept in a tank and the rest is got from down the river.

There is hiking to the top which enables you to look and see the Democratic Republic of Congo, the clients who have stayed there completely admire and like the place. And it is from this campsite that can you can even access the gorillas at Nkuringo and also at Rushaga.

The campsite is at the edge of Nkuringo community is enables you to often visit and learn about the African population and how they behave.  The site offers nice delicious food which is prepared by professional chefs, the rooms are also clean well decorated and have comfortable beds, plus the welcoming, smiling and attentive staff ready to serve you according to your needs and wants.

Nkuringo gorilla campsite has a campfire in the evening with Ugandan legends/stories as you sit and well the warmth from the fire as you also feel listen to the night African sounds, thus making your evening nice and memorable. You have an opportunity in case you are a fine of sports, through playing football with the local boy, you can also add on to your experience by visiting schools and interact with the community children.

More exciting about the campsite is that they have two handcrafted cottages, more to that they have a stunning view and peaceful environment. The various bird species which enables birding to take place, and listening to the beautiful sounds of birds makings you relax and feel at home.

They also offer various activity to their clients for example; tracking with Nkuringo gorilla family, nature walks, the volcanos of the great Virunga and also the visit to pygmies along with the birds.


There is excellent with self-contained tent rooms and cottages, they offer accommodation in three basic bandas having twin beds. And People with their personal equipment pay US$5 for camping per tent.

Nkuringo gorilla campsite offers Facilities like; a well fully stocked bar and there is a basic restaurant plus a cooking shelter for self-catering visitors. And they also offer both international and local cuisines

They can provide hot water for bathing however they advice visitors not to use water extravagantly. Water at Nkuringo campsite is obtained from down the river and there are porters who carry this water in drums to the campsite. Also during the wet season, they harvest rain water.

For more information about the Uganda gorillas, best time to visit  and what to do there visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park