Jacana Safari Lodge is situated in Queen Elizabeth National Park and it is found near Uganda’s Largest Crater Lake which is called Lake Nyamasingiri thus this creates a beautiful view when standing or watching from the lodge overlooking the lake Nyamasingiri with a great view of a crater lake.

The Lodge is somehow far away from where most other lodges are in the park,  it has ten (10) high-class cottages that are nicely furnished, they have en-suite bath and have a view of the Crater Lake.

The Rooms

The rooms have en-suite bathrooms with hot showers some people say it has the best hot showers in Uganda. The rooms are enclosed with a veranda where you can have an impressive panoramic windows view as you try to watch Lake Nyamusingire.

Jacana Safari Lodge mixed combination of natural materials which are bought together with a colorful decoration of the cottage and the lodge. The texture reminds you one of a sort of Giant tree house in the forest along Lake Nyamusingire. The Lodge seems to be an extension of the forest, everything in harmony with nature.

The bar and restaurant

The Bar and the restaurant are situated on a nice relief that offers an suspended over view of the Crater lake, this is due to the fact that some of the dining areas outdoor setting and even the indoor restaurant overs that views because the well-built windows with a stunning view as you have a drink, the well-established restaurant also offer an opportunity of watching animals while you are taking your drinks or food.

Services offered

The services offered are nice and are of great quality to its clients. The staffs are always welcoming with a smile which makes you comfortable as you sit in the lounge with the firework.

The place also has a swimming pool which is right next to the lake from here you can take a refreshing dip or sunbathe, with cold drinks to cool you down. They also have a health club with a Sauna and a massage for the clients.  And lastly Lunch and Dinner can be taken on the Captain’s Table on a boat where you will float on the lake while taking your meals.

Activities at the Lodge

The following are the activities at the lodge; Game Drives from Safaris to Mweya Peninsula in search of elephants, warthogs, lions, leopards, antelopes and more. Secondly is the Hot Air Balloon Safaris in the Mweya Area the lastly kayaking on the Venture out onto the lake and take a picnic basket with you. There is also boat cruising on the kazinga channel where you are able to see animals like Elephants and many bird including pelican.

Other services include hiking, nature walks, cave visit, and chimpanzee trekking

For more information about the wildlife, best time to visit and what to do in this park, visit Queen Elizabeth National Park