Gorilla forest camp is exclusively located in a lush rain forest of Bwindi impenetrable forest on a stunning environment. It is located within Bwindi forest offering the guest with opportunity to view mountain gorillas on your room or veranda.

The Accommodation

The lodge has over eight (8) large tents which are set on a wooden platform and each of the tented accommodation has en-suite bathroom with a shower and a large bathtub facing the forest and a modern flush toilet. There is a large wooden deck where the guest can relax and enjoy a private dining.

The serenity in the African rainforest due to its fabulousness. It is a permanent luxury tented accommodation. The tents are large in size inside them with two (2) queen size beds and headboards carved by Ugandan artist. The central bar and the restaurant are overlooking the Bwindi forest.

All the tents are self- contained in the middle of a stunning Bwindi rain forest with a lot mountain gorillas (it has the largest number of mountain gorillas in the world and in Uganda), they usually visit the lodge and also other primates including the chimpanzees. Similarly the place has got a lot of bird species which can be seen flight around the park, patching on the nearby trees.

The Meals

The staffs at the lodge attend to your wants and needs with their warm welcoming character and professionalism in the service they provide and things they do. The food (cuisine) prepared is nice and delicious with both international and local cuisines. For the case of drinks they are provided on the fee you pay for the rooms.

For more information about the Uganda gorillas, best time to visit  and what to do there visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park