1-day-entebbe-city-tour-ugandaEntebbe is the door to and from Uganda for any holidaymaker on a Private Holiday in Uganda Holiday using air transport as the sole International airport within this country is found here, not to mention the official Uganda president’s residence.

This green Beautiful quite town is found on the shores of the renowned Lake Victoria which is Africa’s largest fresh-water lake. Entebbe enjoys a nice endless cool breeze sweeping from the lake, which is lined by several beautiful white sand beaches and palm trees.  You will also find a number of top notch hotels, beautiful well kept gardens, the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and the Uganda Wildlife Education Center which you can actually visit during an Entebbe Tour.

Detailed 1 Day Entebbe Private Tour Itinerary

Our safari-guide from Africa Nature Trekkers will pick you up in the morning right after your breakfast at the hotel and the drive you to the beautiful town of Entebbe.

Morning Activity:

You will enjoy a guided tour through this very clean town before driving to the Entebbe Botanical Gardens a very peaceful and stunning place which is home to a variety birds, monkeys and different types of tropical plants, not to forget the numerous baboons living there. You will also have a peaceful walk down the lake shore and there you might be lucky enough to see some of the locals casting their fishing nets.

Lunch Break:

Once it gets to lunch time, you will be have your lunch served at the beach under the shade of the palm trees and you enjoy the beautiful sight of the large lake Victoria as well as the relaxing cool breeze. You will be offered a menu including some of Uganda’s traditional dishes, pizza, fish and some intercontinental dishes, plus a variety of drinks

Afternoon Activity:

After lunch, you will transfer to the Uganda Wildlife Education Center previously known as the Zoo where you will see some of the different wild animals and birds found in this country. some of the animals you will encounter include: lions, different Antelopes, Crocodiles, chimpanzees, Hippos, baboons, Buffaloes and different snakes such as giant pythons. You will also see the numerous bird species. There is also a nice restaurant at this place in case you need some refreshments.

Optional Evening Activity  

You will head to Imperial Resort Beach Entebbe we you will relax following the day’s adventure. you will walk in the sand by the beach, enjoy a swim or simply choose to lay back and relax as you sip on your drink of choice as the sun sets beyond the horizon.

Afterwards, our safari-guide will transfer you back to your accommodation/hotel; marking the end our 1 Day Entebbe Private Tour in Uganda

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